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American Leather Fabric Tech Performance Grade II

March 2020

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Durable Our durable fabrics offer a high resistance to pilling, or small lint balls on the fabric service. These fabrics are put through rigorous abrasion testing to insure their ability to retain their structure and prevent the breakdown of the fibers causing the fabric to feel rough.

Eco-Friendly Our eco-friendly fabrics come from fabric mills that follow sustainable and environmentally friendly processes for all of their materials. These mills do not use harsh chemicals in the manufacturing of their fabric.

Pet-Friendly These fabrics are moisture-wicking and designed to supress the growth of bacteria, microbials, and mildew that our beloved pets (and sometimes family members) can bring into our homes and onto our furniture. These fabrics are perfect family-friendly solutions for any kind of household.

Stain Resistant Stain resistant fabrics withstand discoloration cause by typical household messes including oil and grease. These fabrics prevent liquids from being absorbed and penetrating the fabric and permanently staining the fibers.

UV Resistant The properties and construction of these fabrics are designed to delay the fading of color from UV rays. Generally, this means that the fabric is heavier and features a closed weave.

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