Lazar Great Design, Good Value and Fast Delivery


Lazar is a full line upholstered furniture manufacturer with headquarters in Silver City, North Carolina.  Founded in 1983 by Barry J. Lazar, the company grew from humble beginnings in a small factory located in South Central Los Angeles where it became well known for its value oriented dining and accent chairs.

Chair Design, as the company was called then, quickly gained popularity with local retailers and interior designers.  Soon after, the company began making sofas and sectionals to compliment their popular priced chairs.  By the late 1980’s the company changed its name to Lazar Industries and opened a second factory in North Carolina to accommodate a growing east coast customer base.

Today, Lazar still produces all of its products in Silver City, North Carolina utilizing the skills of the talented men and women within the community and are proud to be Made in the USA.  Though no longer a family run business, the company holds true to the principles established by its enigmatic founder: Great Design, Good Value and Fast Delivery.


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