Stressless Live – a recliner you’ll want to move in to
You know the moment you see it: Stressless Live is a recliner that just gives and gives. We pulled out all the stops on the padding, which embraces you from the moment you sit down until the moment you get up (although you probably won’t want to). Behind the traditional Stressless look, you’ll find our patented features which provide the ultimate in comfort, like the Plus-system, which gives full neck and lumbar support at all angles.

Stressless Live recliners are manufactured and ship from Norway.  The normal lead time is 14 to 16 weeks to be ready for delivery or pickup.

Classic Base
Signature Base
Paloma Aqua Green
Paloma Beige
Paloma Black
Paloma Cherry
Paloma Chestnut
Paloma Chocolate
Paloma Copper
Paloma Funghi
Paloma Henna
Paloma Metal Grey
Paloma Oxford Blue
Paloma Rock
Paloma Sand
Paloma Sparrow Blue
Paloma Taupe
Paloma Vanilla
Stressless Wood Black Stained
Stressless Wood Brown Stained
Stressless Wood Oak Stained
Stressless Wood Teak Stained
Stressless Walnut Stained
Stressless Wenge Stained
Stressless Wood White Wash

More about Stressless

Why Stressless?

Stressless® is the most comfortable seating in the world. A bold statement, yes, but one that is very much true. The difference lies in our patented comfort technologies. BalanceAdapt™. Power™. Plus™-system. Glide system. These innovations satisfy our endless quest to create recliners, sofas, office chairs and dining chairs that provide perfect support while replicating the body’s every movement. Add in the ability to select between three recliner sizes or tailor a sofa with low back, high back and headrest options and the result is a level of fit and comfort one can only feel when spending time in a Stressless®.

Size matters!

Stressless Recliner Small Med Large Sizes

Style and comfort are individual. It’s only natural, since we all come in different shapes and sizes. Four different bases are available for our recliners: Classic, Signature, Star and Office Base. For soft rocking motions, the Signature and Star Base are ideal. Optimal comfort is also about finding the right size of chair. Most Classic and Signature chairs come in three different sizes, and all the well-known Stressless® benefits are of course included.

Leather Choices

With a wide variety of leather and colors suited for all styles and personal taste. This allows you to combine the right look and quality to suit your needs. Please note the different leather options will affect the price. Let our Ironhorse home staff customize your furniture, your way.


Cori is a corrected, pigment-improved and grain-embossed upholstery leather. Cori has substantial body and a distinct pebbled grain. Most of its natural marks are removed. Cori has a tip-shine, which adds depth and character to the surface. Some colors feature a two-tone / tone-on-tone effect. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Cori is a wise choice if you want a leather with excellent utilisation properties, a robust structure and an exclusive look.


PIONEER is a luxurious full grain aniline pull-up leather. This exclusive and delicate quality retains the full original grain of the leather, and is treated with oils, waxes and transparent dyes. This enhances the soft touch and natural appeal, offering deep, vibrant colors and a beautiful luster. The full-bodied leather sensation and natural transparent look will gain patina and become even more beautiful with age.


Batick is a corrected, pigment-improved and grain-embossed upholstery leather, which has had most of its natural marks removed. Batick may have a two-tone colour effect to liven up the surface. Batick is resistant to fading, although changes in colour will occur over time with use and exposure to light. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Simple cleaning, excellent utilisation properties and a favourable price make Batick a good choice.

Paloma is a slightly corrected leather with a combination of dyes and pigments that smoothes some of the leather’s structure (grain pattern). However, the grain structure of Paloma may vary slightly at some parts of the furniture, and minor colour nuances may also occur. Natural marks, scars and insect bites remain and will appear in Paloma. A thin coat of lacquer gives Paloma some protection and simplifies cleaning, but Paloma does not have the same heavy-duty quality and protection as Batick and Cori. Due to its soft, natural and comfortable expression, Paloma is a very popular choice.

Noblesse is the most exclusive quality leather offered by Stressless. A full grain semi-aniline, it is dyed all the way through and has only a thin protective topcoat. This enables the leather to retain the natural softness and lustre that characterises a first-class furniture leather. A natural material like Noblesse retains its original grain and structure. Minor colour nuances and skin blemishes may also occur. Such individual details may lead to slight variations at different parts of the furniture. Although the topcoat provides a certain level of protection, Noblesse is the most delicate of the leathers used by Ekornes. It absorbs moisture easily, and is more vulnerable to wear and tear, heat, sunlight, spills and perspiration. Regular maintenance is important to maintain its attractive appearance.

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