Allegro 10 Mattress, Queen – King

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Product Description

Enjoy cooling, medium-firm support from the Allegro 10 Mattress by Magniflex. This simple, but effective, mattress contains a base of 8″ of supportive, breathable foam. The foam is topped with hypoallergenic fiber and 1″ of pressure sensitive open cell memory foam.

Made in Italy using environmentally friendly practices. Magniflex mattresses are made in Italy using 100% non-toxic materials. The Allegro 10 Mattress is 10″ thick. It works well in platform bed frames. Foundations are available to use with this mattress for standard bed frames. Make the Allegro 10 into an adjustable bed with one of the Uno Adjustable Bases by Magniflex.


What’s in the Allegro 10 Mattress

The Allegro Gel Mattress provides medium firm support and has a base layer of Elioform (firm support foam). Next is a 2″ layer of Eliosoft (soft support foam). Lastly, the cover contains 1″ of Memoform (memory foam) and 1/2″ of hypoallergenic fiber. This unique memory foam is pressure sensitive, so it immediately responds to the weight of your body. The cover is made of natural viscose, which quickly absorbs moisture to keep you comfortable all night long.


About Magniflex

Magniflex has been producing mattresses in Italy for more than 50 years. 100% of the materials used to make Magniflex products are sourced from Italy. Magniflex has also received the OEKO-TEX® certification, which guarantees that each component of the end product is free of toxic substances or any substance that is harmful to humans or the environment.

Magniflex was the first company to vaccuum pack their mattresses before shipping. Vacuum packaging ensures that mattresses are kept perfectly clean for the entire journey to the end user’s home. The volume of each mattress is reduced by 90%. This means fewer trucks on the roads and lower Coemissions.


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